Referring Doctor Testimonials

At Cincinnati Oral, Maxillofacial & Dental Implant Surgery, we are lucky to work with many local dental professionals to improve the oral health of the people in our community. Many patients who require oral surgery don’t realize it until their dentist identifies a condition and recommends them to our office. We are thankful for each of these referrals as they give us chances to restore smiles and oral health.

We love working with our colleagues, and we strongly believe in open communication and a team-based approach. If you’d like to hear more about how our team operates with referrals or if you’re interested in hearing from our colleagues themselves about why they love referring patients to our office, please feel free to watch the testimonials below. Our referrals know just as well as our patients about the high-quality care we provide.

“I refer my patients to Cincinnati Oral Surgery because I know they’re going to be well cared for, their safety is a top priority, and I know I’m going to get the treatment planning coordination efforts that everybody expects. The staff at Cincinnati Oral Surgery is always prompt, very friendly, and happy to help our patients in any way possible. The team treatment planning approach and communication that I get, both over the phone, email, and paper, is very thorough, and I know that the outcomes that we’re going to have are top notch. Patients really enjoy the bedside manner from Drs. Cassidy, Pieper, and Wilcox. They really enjoy getting to know them and feel that they’re more than just patients. I will always be referring patients to Cincinnati Oral Surgery for a long time.”

-Dr. Kelley

“I refer my patients to Cincinnati Oral Surgery because they provide a full spectrum of procedures. As an orthodontist, most of our patients require either extractions, wisdom teeth that are impacted to be removed, anchorage devices to help us move the teeth more efficiently. I know that when we communicate with their office, they’re very professional. They are very visual — they give us some good graphics. There are several oral surgeons in the area that I’m not comfortable working with, and I am confident that when our patients go to Cincinnati Oral Surgery Associates that they’re going to come back with a positive review, that they’re going to have a minimally invasive procedure, and they’re going to be very happy with the results. I’m very confident in the future that we’re going to refer our patients. I have nothing but positive things to say.”

-Dr. Murdock

“I refer patients to Dr. Cassidy, Dr. Wilcox, and Dr. Pieper for a variety of reasons — simple things like extractions of teeth, dental implants, to complex orthognathic surgery cases.They usually are very complimentary about how Dr. Cassidy, Dr. Pieper, and Dr. Wilcox are with them. Dr. Cassidy and I have been working together now for over 18 years, and Dr. Pieper and I have been working together for over 18 years as well — very, very good surgeon. I have worked with Dr. Wilcox on two cases now, but both of them have gone very, very well. Yes, I do plan on referring my patients to Cincinnati Oral Surgery in the future.”

-Dr. Carrier

“I refer my patients to Cincinnati Oral Surgery because they treat patients like I do: they treat them like family. Most of the cases are for wisdom teeth — that’s the overwhelming majority of cases — but whenever there’s a pathology issue, a TMJ issue, and implants, I refer them to Drs. Cassidy, Pieper, and Wilcox. It ensures the highest quality of care when we can collaborate and use our individual expertise to benefit the patient. I plan on continuing to refer to Cincinnati Oral Surgery.”

-Dr. Marck

“We send most of our cases to Cincinnati Oral Surgery for third molars, abnormal findings that we have. Their team is fantastic. They send all the information back and forth very easily. It’s easy to communicate, set up appointments with their staff. It makes it simple for our patients in the fact that if there’s a question, we both know what’s going on. My patients, when they come back from seeing Dr. Cassidy and Dr. Wilcox, they are just in love with them and their staffs. They take very good care of them. They have nothing but great things to say about them. They do a great job. They make me look good, and that’s why we send patients here.”

-Dr. Poulos

“I met Dr. Pieper just through one of the first doctors that I ever met when I came into Cincinnati, and through Dr. Pieper, I met Dr. Cassidy, and we struck up a relationship, and I started referring at that time. Everything from oral surgery, removal of simple teeth to full mouth extractions, placement of dental implants, immediate dentures. Patients that have problems that I can’t solve, and I trust in this practice. If Cincinnati Oral Surgery wasn’t here, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t know where I would send them. This is pretty much my only locale as far as where I send patients for any oral surgery procedures. They are excellent oral surgeons as well as excellent people.”

-Dr. Pierce

“I refer my patients to Cincinnati Oral, Maxillofacial Surgery because of the continuity of care, the compassion of all three doctors. I refer both my elderly, all my complicated cases, all my complicated implant cases, my wisdom teeth extractions for my teenagers. I know what post-op is going to happen. I know that my patients, if they have pain management issues, that they’re going to be taken care of. My patients typically tell me once they’ve had a procedure done how wonderful an experience that it actually was for them. They find just the staff, the doctors, everyone, to be very accommodating. My patients love it here — they love it in Madeira. They will go to West Side, if necessary, if they need to get in.”

-Dr. Langston

“Cincinnati Oral Surgery is definitely one of the best at providing a quality treatment. I personally have worked a lot with Dr. Wilcox, and Dr. Wilcox has always been a great patient advocate. He’s always looking at the entire picture and always hoping to provide top-notch care. Cincinnati Oral Surgery — they’ve got a lot of extended expertise. Anybody that needs to be seen at the hospital or anybody who needs extensive jaw surgery or anybody who requires multiple placement of implants — cases where it’s not typically straightforward but requires just a little bit of extra knowledge and dedicated touch. They understand everything that’s going to happen before the patient’s there. They are able to educate the patient quickly and then move on and get the procedures completed in a timely fashion. I can recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgery 100%. They are phenomenal at what they do.”

-Dr. Koo

“I find that all three oral surgeons here — Dr. Wilcox, Dr. Cassidy, and Dr. Pieper — treat the patients as I would: kindly. They’re concerned about them. We refer extractions and implants and biopsies. I don’t only just refer the patient, I take models, and Dr. Cassidy or Dr. Wilcox or Dr. Pieper and I sit down and study the models to determine what’s best for our patient. I guess five or six years ago, I fractured a tooth, and it was non-restorable, and we extracted it and placed an implant, and I’ve never had a problem with it. And, as a matter of fact, my brother fractured a similar tooth, and Dr. Cassidy did an implant on him also. But everything went fine. Very professional. Just the way I hope I treat my own patients.”

-Dr. Loftspring

“I’ve never received any negative feedback from any of the patients I have sent to Dr. Pieper. I feel very comfortable referring my patients to him because I know they’re going to be well taken care of. A lot of times, they thank me for the referral. They’re very pleased with Dr. Pieper’s work. Steve is excellent with implants, and I refer a lot of implant patients to him. There are many ways, sometimes, to approach one particular problem, and Dr. Pieper is always open to exploring those different options. He’s very thorough in explaining to the patients every option they have. He’s very down-to-earth. Very common sense approach, but he’s an excellent surgeon. I would recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgery to all the patients that I have and to any patients that ask me.”

-Dr. Jacob

“With implant patients, I always call Dr. Pieper, and we discuss the patients at length, and I’ve always had great results. I’ve never had a result that’s come back that I haven’t been happy with. Most of the patients are very shocked that everything went so well. They were like, “That was very easy,” and that’s their typical response is that everything went so well, and everything seemed very easy. Dr. Pieper is a very nice guy. I’ve known him outside the office for a while, and like I say, he always treats my patients with a lot of respect, has always been there for me whenever there’s a need or if I need to refer to anybody, he’s always done a great job.”

-Dr. Dorr

“I have worked with Cincinnati Oral Surgery for a number of years. My patients love it. We’ve always had good results. Most of our cases are going to be the normal wisdom teeth, but we have a lot of implants, more and more of those all the time. The doctors are on the same page. The results that we get are always good. I think most of the patients come in and realize that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be. Two of my children did have their wisdom teeth out here. They were fine — a little sleepy during the day, but after that, not a problem. This is my number one go-to for oral surgery.”

-Dr. Blackburn