Dental Implant Testimonials Cincinnati OH

Dick Needed Dental Implants

I had had a root canal, which didn’t work, so he said I could have an implant or something else, and I chose the implant because my wife has had several. Dr. Wilcox took a lot of time explaining the procedure, made sure I was okay with it. The whole staff was very professional, caring. The procedure was fine. I didn’t have any pain; it just went like I thought it would. As I said, the staff was professional; Dr. Wilcox was professional. They were very caring. I had a good experience all the way around. I can’t say anything bad.


Alan Restored His Teeth With Bone Grafts and Dental Implants

I’ve had three extractions done, and Dr. Cassidy did my first extraction. Then, Dr. Pieper did my second extraction with a little bit of bone grafting. And then finally, most recently, Dr. Wilcox did an extraction and some bone grafting, and then, of course, the implant on all three of them. All of the people here were very caring, and during the procedure, they were terrific — I’m assuming because I was out. But they came in and talked to my wife and let her know that everything was working out just dandy. My implants feel very, very natural. They are just like a part of my regular other sets of teeth. Although, I will say that they feel just a little bit stronger. I would highly recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgery to anyone that has to have a procedure like this done.


Nadim Underwent Bone Grafting and Received Dental Implants

I had a lot of problems with my teeth for a long, long time, and at one time, we were sitting over dinner. Dr. Cassidy was there, and I shared the information with him. He suggested I see him, and I did, and from then on, it was superb. I was very, very comfortable with Dr. Cassidy. He is just so professional and so caring that you are thankful that you are with him. [He] extracted teeth — several — filled them with bone and did the implant, and I must say, my procedure was outstanding. Cincinnati Oral Surgery is your place to go.


Katie Visited Us for Dental Implants, Wisdom Teeth Removal, and Jaw Surgery

I needed to have some extractions, I needed to have my wisdom teeth done, and then eventually, I needed to have jaw surgery and an implant. My lower jaw was too far back, and it was going to cause issues down the line with my bite. Sure, I was definitely nervous to go under anesthesia and to just have a medical procedure because I hadn’t had a history of that, but Dr. Cassidy put me at ease. The staff was wonderful. Everything healed pretty quickly, and I didn’t have any complications. I didn’t have any infection. It was overall a pretty easy surgery. If any of my friends or family in Northern Kentucky or on the west side or even in Mason or Westchester needed oral surgery, I would highly recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgery.


Jeff Restored His Smile With Dental Implants

I was referred to Dr. Pieper because I needed to have two implants done. I was missing two teeth — one on the lower side in the back of each side. Dr. Pieper, when I first met him, took me in and explained everything to me, and he has a very great bedside manner. He calms you down. I have had zero problems with it. Every time I go to my doctor — my normal dentist — he tells me everything looks great. If I ever have to go back to an oral surgeon, which I hope I don’t, or my wife or any of my family members or friends, I would highly recommend Dr. Pieper.