Wisdom Teeth Removal Testimonials

Katie Visited Us for Dental Implants, Wisdom Teeth Removal, and Jaw Surgery

I needed to have some extractions, I needed to have my wisdom teeth done, and then eventually, I needed to have jaw surgery and an implant. My lower jaw was too far back, and it was going to cause issues down the line with my bite. Sure, I was definitely nervous to go under anesthesia and to just have a medical procedure because I hadn’t had a history of that, but Dr. Cassidy put me at ease. The staff was wonderful. Everything healed pretty quickly, and I didn’t have any complications. I didn’t have any infection. It was overall a pretty easy surgery. If any of my friends or family in Northern Kentucky or on the west side or even in Mason or Westchester needed oral surgery, I would highly recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgery.


Mary Lee’s Three Children Underwent Wisdom Teeth Removal

All three of my children have come to Dr. Pieper to have their wisdom teeth out. This is the first procedure that my children have had done, and it’s a little nerve-wracking. With your children, you’re a little worried about how they will deal with it. The staff was wonderful, from Dr. Pieper all the way down to the nurses and helping us out to the car, answering any questions we had — they were wonderful. The kids did very well through it. They were comfortable when they got there. They were very helpful in telling us what to do after the procedure. They had no problems, and Dr. Pieper even called and checked on them the night of the procedure. I knew that I could call him if there were any problems. He did great. I will definitely recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgery.

-Mary Lee

Louise’s Children Had Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

My children needed to have their wisdom teeth removed, and so I chose this practice. I was very nervous when my children had to have their wisdom teeth removed. All of their wisdom teeth were impacted, and I had heard horror stories about some people’s experience with that. The staff at Dr. Pieper’s office were tremendous. They explained the procedure to me, as well as my sons. They explained what we should expect both before, during and after surgery, and they did a lot to just help calm our fears. The procedure for my children went really well, and the recovery was fine. They recovered very well; we had no complications. I would highly recommend Dr. Pieper to remove anyone’s wisdom teeth or to have any oral surgery. I feel like the compassionate care that they give is exceptional.


Suzie’s Son’s Wisdom Teeth Needed Extractions

For my oldest son, he had to have his wisdom teeth extracted, and they recommended Dr. Pieper. I did not have an easy experience getting my wisdom teeth removed, so I was a little nervous when I knew that my son had to have his wisdom teeth taken out. They were wonderful. They thoroughly explained everything, went over the whole procedure, not only what they were going to do but how they were going to take them out, and if they were impacted or not impacted, and just the whole how his recovery period would go. The office staff and Dr. Pieper were so much more attentive. He’s like a big teddy bear. He’s just a super, really nice person, and he just really made my kids feel at ease for a not-so-pleasant procedure.


Jane’s Children Needed Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

My daughter was having her wisdom teeth removed, and her dentist recommended Dr. Cassidy. This was my daughter’s first procedure — first time to have anesthesia, that kind of thing — so yeah, I think she was probably anxious, and I was anxious for her. Dr. Cassidy is great in terms of explaining the procedures and what’s going to happen, how long it’s going to take, what it’s going to feel like. She had her wisdom teeth extracted, and there were no complications, and the pain was minimal, so it was very successful. Then my son, who’s two years younger, then it was his turn. Similar experience, no complications. Dr. Cassidy is the nicest man I know. He’s calming, he’s thorough, he’s funny, and I think he’s just really wonderful at what he does.


Micha’s Wisdom Teeth Removal & Bone Graft

When I found out I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled, I came and met with Dr. Cassidy, and he spent quite a bit of time explaining to me what would happen. Everything went really, really well, and I will say that after the procedure, Dr. Cassidy called me that evening to see how I was doing, but it was very comforting to get that phone call. When I found out I needed to have a bone graft done, I absolutely knew that I would come back to see Dr. Cassidy. I knew that I would be taken care of and I would be comfortable, so I didn’t have any concerns with that. If any of my friends or family would need any kind of oral surgery from this area — Cincinnati/Anderson area — Mason, OH, Florence, KY, Batavia, I would highly recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgery.